How to Refinish Furniture with a Stencil Design

How to Refinish Furniture with a Stencil Design

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Have you fallen in love with a bone inlay or stenciled piece of furniture that was outside your price range? We sure have! Your instructor, Caroline Gibson, fell in love with a buffet at a high-end store, but didn’t want to spend over a thousand dollars for it. She used that piece as an inspiration to create her own buffet, and you can do the same with this course!

Maybe you are already a DIYer and you’re looking to try a new project? Or maybe you’re a furniture artist looking to add to your skill set or fulfill a custom order request for a customer? If so, this course is for you!

In this course Caroline shows you how to take an outdated piece of furniture and turn it into a beautiful piece of art! No experience painting furniture is necessary. Caroline shows how she created her stencil piece from start to finish. She takes the guess work out of how to place your stencils, how to center them, and how to get crisp lines from your stencil. You’ll also receive her complete supply list with links to all the products she uses!


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Your Instructor

Caroline Gibson

Caroline is a DIY-er and furniture artist based in NC. She is experienced painting furniture pieces, kitchen cabinets, walls and more. She loves transforming vintage furniture with artistic designs and fun outside-the-box ideas. She believes you are only limited by your imagination! She is an award winning furniture artist with her Faux Bone Inlay Stencil Dresser. This boho design is one of her favorite techniques! She takes the guess work out of this design technique and gives you the confidence to create a piece on your own!

FAQ Quick Picks

• Can I mix with any paint? Yes. BB Frösch works with any latex or acrylic paint.

• Does this work for floors? Yep! And cabinets, and fabric, and metal and more...

• Can I paint a previously waxed piece? Absolutely! 

• Can I seal with poly instead of wax? Sure! 

• Can I paint laminate without sanding? Yes, but scuffing with sandpaper helps, and add a little extra powder for bonding. 

Check out our Main FAQ Page for detailed answers and more!