Back to School Bundle

Back to School Bundle

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The kids are back in school, and there's no better time to get your DIY on with this limited edition chalk/mineral-painting bundle! Gift it to your favorite DIY-er or keep it for yourself--either way, some great projects are about to receive #thefroscheffect!

Perfect for chalk/mineral-painting newbies and seasoned furniture refinishers alike, this bundle includes:

  • BB Frösch Paint Transformer (mixes up to 1 Gallon of paint)*
  • Mixing Jar
  • Wire Mixing Whisk
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Huck Cloth

As with all our Limited Edition Bundles, this item is available only while supplies last.

BB Frösch Paint Transformer is the 100% natural, affordable, and premium alternative to pre-mixed chalk/mineral paint! 

Transforms ANY brand/ANY color latex or acrylic paint into rich and creamy paint with all the features and benefits of high quality pre-mixed chalk/mineral paint for unlimited color choice. We recommend FLAT paint for an optimum, limited-prep painting experience. However, this magical powder can be added to paint with any sheen, especially if you desire a high-gloss or smooth modern finish that doesn’t involve distressing.

*We find that many projects only require a sample jar (8oz./1 Cup) of paint from your local paint or hardware store. This bundle includes enough powder to mix up to SIXTEEN cups of paint--that's sixteen different projects just like these in sixteen different colors!

FAQ Quick Picks

• Can I mix with any paint? Yes. BB Frösch works with any latex or acrylic paint.

• Does this work for floors? Yep! And cabinets, and fabric, and metal and more...

• Can I paint a previously waxed piece? Absolutely! 

• Can I seal with poly instead of wax? Sure! 

• Can I paint laminate without sanding? Yes, but scuffing with sandpaper helps, and add a little extra powder for bonding. 

Check out our Main FAQ Page for detailed answers and more!