Chalk Painting Expansion Kit

Chalk Painting Expansion Kit


Ready to dive right in or expand on the products you already know and love? The BB Frösch Chalk Painting Expansion kit is the affordable way to refill your stock of powder, waxes, and soap, as well as grab a new set of medium brushes while you're at it. 
Includes enough powder to mix up to a gallon of paint along with everything you need to complete several projects (except the paint, of course, since you get to pick your own brand and color.)

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(1) Large jar of BB Frösch Paint Transformer (formerly BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder.) That's enough to mix up SIXTEEN sample-sized jars of paint, or ONE gallon!)
(1) Medium BB Frösch Paint Brush 
(1) Medium BB Frösch Wax Brush 
(1) Exclusive BB Frösch Handmade Brush Conditioning Soap 
(1) 220 mL Jar Clear Premium Finishing Wax 
(1) 220 mL Jar Dark Premium Finishing Wax 
(1) Empty 8 oz. jar for convenient paint-mixing 
(1) Wire Mixing Whisk 
(2) Wax application wands 
(1) Reusable Huck Cloth for convenient and lint-free clean-up and wiping for brushes, hands, spills, etc. 
(5) Lint-free 13" square wax cloths

BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder can be added to any brand/any color FLAT latex or acrylic paint. We recommend selecting a No-VOC paint. If your paint contains primer, no worries, your resulting chalk paint will still contain all the wonderful no-prep and distressibility properties of chalk paint. You just may need to add a little extra water as paint with primer tends to thicken more when stored.