Easy Peasy Modern Farmhouse Shelves

You might remember this table makeover from last year:

The table belonged to my Grandmother and I didn’t really give it a second look until my mom gave it some lovin’. You can read The Farmhouse Table Overhaul here.

After my sister’s wedding in our backyard the table somehow ended up staying at my house.

Okay, I totally stole it. I mean, who wouldn’t?!

It sat in our office for a few months as a craft table until I moved it to the kitchen so it could really be appreciated.

Bring on a case of “if you give a mouse a cookie…”

Suddenly the chairs I had didn’t work anymore so I bought new ones. I looked everywhere for the perfect chair!

I repainted the bench my husband built for me several years ago. It fit beautifully with my table. Naturally I used BB Frösch Paint Transformer which, side note, stays true to whatever color you chose. That’s one of the many reasons I love using it (besides of course, that it helps my paint stick to furniture without all the prep work.) For this bench I needed a true black. *I used Behr “black”

*Note: You CAN repaint over painted and waxed furniture as long as you add BB Frösch to your paint. Originally, I gave the bench a light faux stain look. The new black paint went right over it like a dream.


 *If you like the faux stain look of this bench use the technique we used here to achieve this look.

There was still something missing…

The wall behind this table and newly painted bench was just not “wow” enough. I’m all about simplicity, but you still gotta have a little somthin’. That’s when I bribed my mom to come over and help me out. I usually bribe her with yummy treats and cute kids (side note: this works 100% of the time) 

I was really inspired by @modernly_you and the shelves she hung. I knew I wanted mine to be long!

I grabbed these hooks from amazon for under $10 for all 8! What a steal. I love how simple and clean they are. 

Here is a super glamorous shot of me picking out wood…why we took this picture I do not know.

My mom is all math. You know, the nerdy cute kind? That’s her. She mapped out where these shelves would be hung and put those babies up! 

Each shelf is eight feet long, so we centered them from left to right on the wall. We divided eight feet into five equal sections of 19.2 inches each with four brackets dividing the sections. Since the brackets didn’t magically happen to be where studs are, we used drywall anchors to secure them.

PS Nice slippers, Mom.


To determine the height of the shelves and the spacing between them, we measured the height of my awesome Details2Enjoy Market Fresh Flowers sign to make sure it would fit on the top shelf. The second shelf is just equal distance between the first shelf and the top of the board and batten.

One thing we noticed with long boards is that it’s really hard to find a completely straight one that isn’t warped! Once the board is screwed into the brackets, though, it straightens out, so you don’t really have to worry.


Now for my favorite part, styling!!!

We  recommend laying everything out so you can really get an idea for what you have and what you want to use. Even if you aren’t going to use everything it is still nice to see it all laid out like this: 

It took a little playing around but I think we finally got it!

I recently added this hanging plant and I am in love. Golden Pathos are known fro bringing happy vibes and positive energy.

It is still pretty unbelievable that this is what is looked like before!

To seal these shelves and protect them while keeping the natural wood look I used BB Frösch Premium Finishing Clear wax.

I have also done a ton with just dark wax or a faux stain look. You can find tutorials for those looks here.

If you loved what you learned here and want to learn more, then check out our Ultimate Guide to Chalk Painting. It’s the best course out there!

All signs are from Details2Enjoy and most decor is thrifted.

Here’s proof that there is affordable hope for ugly walls and dated furniture!


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