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Perfect Project Masterclass • Live Zoom Training • March 10th 6pm MST
THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT Our Perfect Project Masterclass is BACK! Tackle your projects, transform your furniture, and become a pro painter without breaking the bank or spending hours on avoidable mistakes. The Perfect Project Masterclass will UNLOCK your project’s potential...
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Ultimate Guide to Chalk/Mineral Painting
Whether you are a seasoned painter or you've just heard about the magic of chalk and mineral paints for furniture, cabinets, and home decor, this class is for you! Discover #thefroscheffect as we share the secrets to achieving a gorgeous,...
How to Paint Furniture--The Beginner's Guide
We are excited to bring you this unique course that is for seasoned painters and beginners alike. We all have different styles, taste, and color preferences. One of our favorite features of paint mixed with BB Frösch Paint Transformer is...
Painting Furniture: How & Where to Find Color Inspiration E-Book
When it comes to painting furniture, does this sound like you? I'm so afraid of picking the wrong color, I never get started! What if I hate the color I chose? What colors are "in"? What color(s) should I paint...
Ultimate Guide to Painting Cabinets
This course is for YOU if: your cabinets are worn and dated your plain and boring builder-grade cabinets are in desperate need of a makeover your budget doesn't allow for hundreds, or thousands, of dollars to replace your cabinets or...
How to Flip Furniture E-Book
From start to finish, everything you need to know about flipping furniture...and making a PROFIT doing so! It's all here. How to source furniture: Where to look, how to search, what to buy AND what to spend. Fixing the most...
How to Stage, Photograph and Edit Your Creative Work Like a Pro
Everything you Need to Know about Staging, Photography and Editing to Earn TOP DOLLAR for your Talents! Photography, editing your photos, and staging make all the difference if you plan to sell your work. Whether you are photographing refinished furniture...
How to Fix Furniture Flaws and Damage
In this course you will learn tried and true ways to easily fix the most common furniture flaws and damage including: chewed wood bowed wood peeling veneer doors & drawers that stick uneven surfaces with visible grain and pockmarks nasty...
$69.00 $39.00
How to Paint Vintage and Antique Furniture
At BB Frösch we believe in leaving people and furniture better than we find them. When it comes to antiques and vintage pieces, sometimes they are best appreciated exactly as they are! However, often times age, neglect and years of damage call...
Ultimate FIVE Course Bundle
Five of our most popular online courses bundled together at one low price! Course Descriptions: Ultimate Guide to Chalk/Mineral Painting ($105 value) Whether you are a seasoned painter or you've just heard about the magic of chalk and mineral paints...
$400.00 $299.00
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