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Painting Perfection

BB Frösch is the affordable and premium alternative to pre-mixed chalk, mineral and all-in-one paints. Our unique and special blend of minerals easily mixes with ANY regular latex or acrylic paint in ANY color to turn it into rich and creamy paint with all the benefits of pre-mixed chalk paint and MORE! Because you mix only what you need, there’s no waste!
With a full line of affordable painting and refinishing products, tutorials, and online courses, we inspire you to transform anything and everything from furniture and cabinets to home decor and more!

Did you hear the BIG NEWS?

Our signature powder just got a new name, and we couldn’t be more excited!



Let the Projects Begin…

Shop now for powder, wax, brushes, all-inclusive kits and more!


Transform Furniture + Cabinets + Floors + Home Decor and more!

Update everything from cabinets to floors affordably! Coordinate your decor with the flexibility of unlimited color choice. Priming, stripping and sanding aren’t necessary—just give everything a good cleaning and get started on the fun.

“I love that I can pick any paint color I want & mix my own chalk paint!”

- D. Hancock 

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"BB Frösch has awakened a passion I didn’t know I had."

— B. Burnham


BB Frösch University


Whether you are a seasoned painter or you’ve just discovered the magic of chalk and mineral paints for furniture, cabinets, and home decor, BB FRÖSCH UNIVERSITY is for you! Learn all about #thefroscheffect as we share the secrets to achieving a gorgeous, professional look and feel with every chalk painting transformation.


“The price of this product is totally within my budget AND NO SANDING!!! WHAT!? WHAT!? You had me at the no sanding part!!! Then, add in budget friendly and I’m sold.”

- A. Jenkins


BB Frösch on the Blog

Looking for chalk painting inspiration? Or, need a little step-by-step guidance on a project that’s been waiting in the wings? Check out our blog!

“This is the first time working with your product and I am HOOKED! The chalk paint powder provided great coverage and was so easy to mix up.”

- E. Ross


Though the faces you typically see behind the makeovers belong to the mother-daughter duo, Kristin Smith and Kacey Stout, BB Frösch is very much a FAMILY business. Each member has a special role and job title (VP of Miscellaneous Stuff, Director of Fun, Master of Mischief, Minion Wrangler…you get the idea.) You may not see all their faces, but they are as grateful as we are for your support!