Our proprietary blend of all-natural minerals mixes with ordinary flat latex or acrylic paint to create rich and creamy paint that bonds to virtually all surfaces without the nasty prep work of sanding, priming and stripping. BB Frösch is affordable and can be used to create a variety of finishes–including shabby-chic, rustic-textured, faux-stain, smooth modern, antiqued, and more. Basically, BB Frösch makes you feel like a rock star when you create amazing pieces of art without breaking the bank!


Affordable alternative to pre-mixed chalk and mineral paints

  • Virtually no waste – you mix only as much paint as needed
  • Mix with ANY brand/ANY color latex or acrylic paint (a high-quality FLAT-FINISH paint is recommended for optimum results)
  • Excellent coverage

Limited Prep Work*

  • No sanding
  • No priming
  • No stripping
  • Cleaning prior to painting is recommended

*Although it is not necessary to sand, prime and strip before chalk painting, it may be recommended in certain circumstances.

100% All-Natural Ingredients

BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder contains a unique blend of all-natural minerals that have been specially processed without unnecessary or harmful ingredients.

Many DIY chalk paint “recipes” call for products like unsanded grout, plaster of paris or other similar compounds that contain harmful ingredients not intended for painting applications. Such ingredients are often not only toxic, they are unpredictable and do not produce the same smooth, creamy, bonding, distressing properties as true chalk paint.

For eco-friendly painting, mix BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder with no-VOC paint.


    BB Frösch creates a smooth, creamy, self-leveling paint that bonds to virtually every surface, including:

    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Fabric
    • Laminate
    • Plastic
    • Previously varnished furniture
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Linoleum
    • Tile
    • and more!

    Variety of Finishes

    Use the same techniques and finishes as you would with pre-mixed chalk paint without the expensive price tag!

    • Shabby chic
    • Faux Stain/Color Wash
    • Smooth Modern
    • Vintage
    • Rustic
    • Impasto
    • Multi-color layering
    • Be creative!

      Distresses Easily and Beautifully

      • A damp cloth can be used for “wet” distressing on chalk paint that hasn’t been sealed yet
      • Use 220-400 grit sandpaper after painting to lightly (or heavily, if that’s the look you’re after!) distress edges, corners, and other areas that receive typical wear and tear
      • Use a fine grit sandpaper (400+) to smooth chalk-painted areas without distressing