Master Bedroom Chalk Paint Makeover + Chalk Paint with a Sprayer


If you’ve ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” you’ll understand how this:


...quickly escalated into a full-blown bedroom makeover involving:

  • and STENCILS
Let’s call it “If You Show Me a Clearance Sticker…”

The clearance sticker was attached to an amazing sparkly pillow. Sadly, the pillow didn’t quite go with my bedding. To be honest, NOTHING went with my bedding.


…If you show me a clearance sticker on a beautiful pillow, I’ll HAVE to buy matching bedding.

As luck should have it, Target* also had a grey duvet cover set that was even more of a deal at 60% off! So, of course, I bought the duvet cover.

If I buy new grey bedding, I’ll need some color inspiration…

When I placed the duvet cover and the sparkly pillow on my king size bed, it was obvious I needed some color! I found another pillow on sale at Target, so I bought one to serve as my color palette inspiration.


If I buy a color-inspiration pillow, I’ll need more matching pillows…

…so I’ll grab my BB Frösch to make chalk/mineral paint in just the right colors, and go to town…

I had recently purchased the coolest “Paint-a-Pillow” kits from Cutting Edge Stencils for a workshop. At the workshop, I was so busy helping everyone else, that I never got a chance to paint a pillow of my own. Now I actually NEEDED the pillows I’d been wanting to paint anyway.

It was easy to color match paint to the Target pillow and mix just enough to paint my pillows. I added BB Frösch Paint Transformer to my latex paint so it would bond nicely with the fabric. I used Benjamin Moore colors "tricycle red","spring tulips" and "flame." Click here for detailed paint mixing directions


Note: If you aren’t using a Paint-a-Pillow kit, be sure to put a piece of cardboard in the pillow cover before painting so paint doesn’t accidentally bleed through. It should bleed through since you’ll using a fairly dry roller, but just incase…


For the Chrysanthemum stencil, I decided to use all three shades of pink/red. So, I squirted a line of each onto my tray like this:

Then, I rolled the roller through the paint, then over a paper towel like this:

With my roller coated, I rolled it over my stencil, moving in different directions until the whole stencil was complete. Because of the way the frame is designed, the stencil stayed in place nicely. I had hoped for the variation in colors to show up a little more than they did, just to make the pillow look more custom, but I was still pretty happy with the outcome.


Once the paint was dry (about ten minutes), I put the covers on my pillows..


Notice I stenciled a different pattern on each side of my pillows so I could change from a floral to a nautical theme, depending on my mood.

Armed with my clearance pillow, clearance duvet, color-inspiration pillow, two 2-sided stencilled pillows, and a special pillow I’d made from Jordan’s favorite shirt, I was ready to address my bed situation…


…If I put new bedding and new pillows on my bed, I'm bound to notice the broken wall-lamp hanging off my side of the headboard and the non-matching pillows on the floor…

…and I’ll REALLY get to work!

Or, put the husband to work…

I snagged the mirror from above my fireplace to see if it would do the trick and pull everything together…


If I hang my favorite mirror to go with new bedding, I’ll notice how scratched and worn the bed looks…


…then I’ll beg my husband to help paint it.

Jason was more than happy to help when I told him he could use the sprayer. He loves using our Homeright Finishmax sprayer, so I knew it wouldn’t be hard to enlist his help on this one. For big projects like this, spraying is soooo much faster!

I ran to Home Depot for paint (I chose Behr paint mixed into a Valspar color—“Bistro”) and came home to my bedroom completely transformed…

…into a massive spray tent.

Bless my sweet husband who wasn't about to paint outside in the Las Vegas heat. It’s a dang good thing it’s safe to paint indoors with BB Frösch and Behr no-voc paint!

How to use chalk/mineral paint in a sprayer

Once the bed was painted, I smoothed the entire surface with 800 grit sandpaper.

This is my trick for a smooth, professional finish!

You can use as low as 400 grit, but any lower number, and you will distress instead of smooth. To smooth without distressing, just “wipe” across your piece with the sandpaper much like you would if you were dusting with a dust-cloth. I like to hold the smoothing sandpaper in one hand while following along with my other hand to give my work the “touch test.” 



After sanding, I got straight to waxing. When using chalk/mineral paint, always seal and protect your work. I prefer clear BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax. It is my FAVORITE wax because it gives a soft looking, yet durable finish. It goes on like butter, and dries and cures in MINUTES. 


The “If You Show This Mom a Clearance Sticker” saga continues…

If I can get my husband to spray the giant bed to match the new bedding, I will  talk him into painting the nightstands to match…


…and then I won’t like the brown drawer pulls, so I’ll paint those as well (yes, you can paint metal with chalk/mineral paint!)…


If you’re thinking my solution to nearly every problem (pillows, wood bed, metal drawer pulls, etc.) is chalk/mineral paint made with BB Frösch Paint Transformer, you’d be accurate!
I distressed the nightstands and the drawer pulls very lightly before waxing to bring out some of the detail. Wax painted drawer pulls the same way you wax everything else to seal and protect the finish.

If I have freshly painted bedroom furniture, I will replace the unpainted piece under the window with a piece I painted last year that looks so much better…

…and I will scrounge around the house for items to style the freshly painted nightstands…

I will notice a few other things that need to be done (including curtains for the window and wall lamps for night time reading) but I will know that this is enough for now…

And when I'm feeling nautical…


…I’ll just flip the pillows over!

Hopefully one day soon, I will get around to making those curtains...unless, of course, I get distracted by another clearance sticker… 



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