Why I Don't Use Chalk Paint


I’ve been refinishing furniture ever since I discovered the magic of chalk paint over ten years ago. I’ve traveled the country teaching thousands of people how to refinish furniture and cabinets, I’ve created online chalk painting courses, and I’ve written countless blog posts all about chalk painting. To say that chalk painting has been life changing for me would be an understatement! 

So why on earth am I dedicating an entire post to why I don't use chalk paint?

There are several reasons I don't use chalk paint, but here are my top 4:

Before I jump into what I DO use, I feel like a little explaining is in order…

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan was the original brand of “chalk” paint on the market. It gained quick traction as the gold standard for furniture refinishing because of some amazing qualities like, for example, the ability to just start painting with limited prep work, the ability to distress paint for a shabby chic or vintage look, the quick dry time, etc. Needless to say, other paint brands claiming to have the same properties as the original quickly flooded the market.

Annie Sloan would argue that “chalk” and “chalk-style” paints are not the same as her trademarked version, and in many cases she is right—they often just don’t stack up.

Instead of wasting time detailing the pros and cons, comparing different versions, and explaining away the confusion over what “chalk” means, I’ll just cut to the chase…

DITCH THEM ALL, including the trademarked version!

So, what DO I use and recommend?

When it comes to refinishing furniture, painting cabinets, and customizing home decor with paint, there is simply no better product than BB Frösch Paint Transformer.

Paint Transformer cta

I know, I KNOW…We were guilty of contributing to the “chalk” paint confusion with the old product name, which is why we decided to break free from the confusion with a long-overdue name change!

Kacey and I created this fun video to break down the name change and ditch the "chalk" confusion for you!

Whether you are new to the world of furniture refinishing and the DIY painting world in general, or you are a seasoned pro, BB Frösch is hands-down the best product you can add to your arsenal.

If you don’t happen to be looking for a product or finish even remotely related to chalk paint, why add BB Frösch to your paint? Well, because it TRANSFORMS your paint by giving it more properties than it already has (it’s kind of like transforming Clark Kent into Superman--Clark is okaaaaay, but Superman is, well, SUPERMAN.)

Don’t worry, if you LOVE chalk painting, just add BB Frösch Paint Transformer to any brand/color of regular FLAT latex or acrylic paint, and BAM! you’ve got all the benefits of the pre-mixed stuff.

However, BB Frösch can do so much more! For example:

  • If you love all the looks not typically associated with chalk painting (high gloss, stained, etc.) BB Frösch has you covered. For a high-gloss finish , just add it to paint with a sheen to give the paint bonding power without the need to sand or prime (see thoughts on priming below) OR, simply seal your finished piece with a high gloss poly-urethane or poly-acrylic (I recommend water-based)

@justpaintitbydani is a master at high-gloss finishes with BB Frösch!

  • Use whatever paint brand you know and love in whatever color your heart desires. I’ve used Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Valspar, you name it! BB Frösch will give it the ability to bond with virtually any surface (think boring metal filing cabinet...) 

If you love the idea of painting metal, check out this navy filing cabinet makeover.

Navy Filing Cabinet Before and After

Or linoleum floors...

A whole new kitchen...

An ordinary rug…

Starter Kit CTA gif

I’ve even painted PAPER to match my furniture, run it through the printer to add cool typography then mod-podged it onto my piece to make it all look hand-painted!

  • BB Frösch renders paint manipulatable for achieving endless finishes (think beyond just shabby chic—think smooth and modern, faux stained, etc.)

@justpaintitbydani chooses the best colors for her BB Frösch makeovers!

  • BB Frösch eliminates the need for priming (though you can prime, of course.) Why eliminate priming?  Priming takes at least one coat, if not more, so it’s more work. Although primer can be tinted, it can’t be tinted to the darkest colors, so if you want to do any kind of distressing, you can’t without distressing through and seeing primer. If you love the benefits of primer, just add BB Frösch to paint that already has primer in it. 

  • Your paint will dry faster so you can get projects done faster

  • BB Frösch gives your paint better coverage so you will go through less paint (less paint = less $ and fewer coats)

  • You aren’t limited to just one style. Think outside the shabby-chic box with mid-century modern like these gems by Stacey Boger @vine_house_vintage—all painted with BB Frösch:

starter kit cta

Or these artistic interpretations (the first two are from my early early early days of painting and refinishing furniture):

  • There are literally no limits when you add BB Frösch to your paint! Let your imagination loose like Dani @justpaintitbydani does!

Now that you are no longer limited by color, price, availability, furniture style, what are you waiting for? Ditch the chalk and chalk-style paints, go get some BB Frösch Paint Transformer and get your projects on!

Learn how to refinish furniture with one of our in-depth online courses. Follow BB Frösch on Instagram and Facebook, where you can find more affordable makeovers (like cabinets, floors, furniture, and more!)

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