Specialty Wax Brush
Specialty Wax Brush
Specialty Wax Brush
Specialty Wax Brush

Specialty Wax Brush

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Now available in natural or synthetic bristle!

BB Frösch specialty wax brushes are made from soft yet sturdy chisel-tipped bristles securely epoxied into a durable, plated ferrule that is twice the size of competing brands (wider ferrule = increased bristle stability and longer brush life.) Brushes feature a sleek varnished round handle for maximum comfort grip during the wax process. The handle was carefully designed for superior comfort in a shorter length that doesn’t get in the way when waxing tight spots. The flat round brush head is densely packed so wax transfers easily and smoothly to your surface using either a circular motion or broad/even stroke application.

BB Frösch synthetic brushes are soft yet durable and will not fray. Although both our natural and synthetic brushes are designed to last when properly cleaned and conditioned with BB Frösch Brush Conditioning Soap, synthetic bristles will tend to have less breakage over time.

Available in Natural or Synthetic Bristle in 3 sizes:

Large 8 1/2" long with 2" round head
Medium 8" long with 1 1/2" round head
Small 8 1/2" long with 1" round head

FAQ Quick Picks

• Can I mix with any paint? Yes. BB Frösch works with any latex or acrylic paint.

• Does this work for floors? Yep! And cabinets, and fabric, and metal and more...

• Can I paint a previously waxed piece? Absolutely! 

• Can I seal with poly instead of wax? Sure! 

• Can I paint laminate without sanding? Yes, but scuffing with sandpaper helps, and add a little extra powder for bonding. 

Check out our Main FAQ Page for detailed answers and more!