Squeeze Bottle (12 oz.)
Squeeze Bottle (12 oz.)

Squeeze Bottle (12 oz.)

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Make painting a breeze, not to mention a lot neater, with our 12 oz. squeeze bottles. Mix your BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder, water, and paint directly into bottle. Wide mouth opening makes pouring paint into bottle less messy. *paint not included

FAQ Quick Picks

• Can I mix with any paint? Yes. BB Frösch works with any latex or acrylic paint.

• Does this work for floors? Yep! And cabinets, and fabric, and metal and more...

• Can I paint a previously waxed piece? Absolutely! 

• Can I seal with poly instead of wax? Sure! 

• Can I paint laminate without sanding? Yes, but scuffing with sandpaper helps, and add a little extra powder for bonding. 

Check out our Main FAQ Page for detailed answers and more!