BB Frösch Powder

BB Frösch Powder

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BB Frösch Paint Transformer (formerly BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder) is the 100% natural, affordable, and premium alternative to pre-mixed chalk, mineral and all-in-one paint!

Transforms ANY brand/ANY color latex or acrylic paint into rich and creamy paint with all the features and benefits of high quality pre-mixed chalk paint for unlimited color choice. We recommend FLAT paint for an optimum chalk painting experience. However, this magical powder can be added to paint with any sheen, especially if you desire a high-gloss or smooth modern finish that doesn’t involve distressing.

Available in three sizes.

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  • Bonds to virtually any surface—wood, laminate, metal, fabric, and more. 

  • No stripping, sanding or priming. Distresses beautifully. 

  • Endless finish possibilities. 

  • No waste—mix only what you need.

  • Small jar mixes up to one quart of paint (or four cups/sample jars)

  • Gallon jar contains enough powder to mix up to a gallon of paint—that's up to 16 projects!

  • Contractor jar mixes up to THREE GALLONS of paint—that’s up to 48 projects!

  • Due to the incredible coverage of paint mixed with BB Frösch, we recommend mixing up only as much paint as is needed for your project size.