How to Make a Paper Scroll Sign and Holder


I came across a giant paper scroll sign at a boutique last spring and have been wanting to make one ever since. I loved the idea of a paper scroll so that I could tear it off and create a new sign when I get the itch for a new quote, but, as is typical for me, I didn’t love the price…


Below, I’ll share all the details for how I made a custom scroll with my favorite quote as well as the scroll holder at a fraction of the cost of the boutique one.

Here’s what I used to make my scroll and scroll holder:


  • 1x5” pine board cut into (1) 24” long piece

  • 2x2” pine board cut into (2) 3” long pieces

  • 5/8” dowel cut into (1) 24” piece

  • (2) 1/2” Copper tubing caps

  • BB Frösch Paint Transformer mixed with any color flat latex paint for faux stain technique

  • BB Frösch Dark Premium Finishing Wax

  • 18” Wide Kraft Paper (I used 16’ but you can cut yours any length)

  • Optional: Heat Transfer Vinyl for saying

With all the boards and dowel cut to length, I drilled a 3/4” hole into each of the 2x2” pieces.


To get the look of stain, I always use BB Frösch Paint Transformer because it is waaaay faster and easier than traditional stain, it isn’t smelly like stain, and I can use ANY color I want. For the look of traditional brown stain, my go-to is Benjamin Moore “mink” mixed with BB Frösch. For a full faux stain tutorial, click here.

Once the dowel and all the cut wood pieces were faux stained, and dark waxed, I glued the 2x2” blocks onto the 24” board about 1” in from the end and evenly spaced from top to bottom. Gluing was a BAD IDEA because the pieces popped right off. So, I ended up screwing them on from the back.

The dowel slid nicely through the holes, and the copper caps fit snuggly on the ends of the dowel.


For the quote, I used my Silhouette to cut heat transfer vinyl inspired by my favorite sign from Details2Enjoy. I just ironed it on with my household iron!


If you don’t want to use heat transfer vinyl, you could use a stencil and paint a saying or hand letter your favorite quote onto your paper. The nice thing is, you’ll have plenty of paper to start over if you screw up!

I happen to use 18” paper scrolls as packing material in my business, so I just cut a 16’ length for this project, rolled it around the dowel, and secured it with paper clips like this:


If your paper wants to stay rolled, just secure a hinge clip or two to the bottom to weigh it down. When you get bored, roll the paper out, tear off your sign, and make a new one!


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