Swoon-Worthy Valentine-Inspired Furniture Makeovers


We thought we’d celebrate Valentine's Day this year by sharing some of our favorite furniture makeovers in Valentine colors. We figured this would also be a great time to share our tips for picking the perfect color for your furniture makeovers every time (even if it's not pink!)

Dani from @justpaintitbydani is the queen of pink furniture makeovers, and she's a master when it comes to choosing the perfect color...like this sweet cranberry dresser:


Makeover by @justpaintitbydani in Behr "Sugar Beet"

Dani's color inspiration-board approach is brilliant, and it's my go-to method for choosing the perfect color. Instead of curating photos of pieces painted in the color you think you want,  create an inspiration board (or an album on your phone)  filled with just about everything BUT painted furniture. Think flowers, cool doors on old building, food, pillows, etc.


Dresser Makeover by @justpaintitbydani in Behr "Beauty Queen"

Since you can transform paint to give it all the features and benefits of pre-mixed chalk/mineral paint in any color under the sun with BB Frösch Paint Transformer, why not branch out and get inspired by the world around you, then match that?

Behr has a free Color Smart app that is perfect for when you are out and about and see the perfect color. You simply snap a photo of the item, then tap your screen on the color you are after, and the app tells you the Behr color that is the closest match. 


The only thing to keep in mind is that lighting may play a factor in how true the color is, so I recommend natural light for best color-matching results.

Another option for getting the perfect color is to take an item that is the exact color you want to Home Depot and have them color match it. Their computer is pretty accurate at formulating colors—I’ve taken in swatches of fabric, pillow covers, a leather purse, a paint chip, and more!

This dusty pink inspiration board is one of my favorites:


Buffet Makeover by @danisvintagedesigns in HGTV Home "Sashay Sand" | Filing cabinet makeover by Kristin Smith @BBFrosch in Benjamin Moore “Pacific Grove Pink” | Front door by @Lollyjaneblog in Behr “Cupcake Pink”

The best thing about transforming ordinary paint with BB Frösch to give it the features and benefits of expensive pre-mixed chalk or mineral paint, besides how totally affordable it is, is that you truly can have absolutely ANY COLOR you want! The powder doesn't alter the color of your paint at all, so that means if you want rich and vibrant pink or red, you can have it! 


And, since Valentine color inspiration wouldn’t be complete without red...


Makeovers by Kristin Smith @BBFrosch | Middle dresser: Benjamin Moore Tricycle Red with BB Frösch Dark Wax | Grandfather Clock: Benjamin Moore “Heritage Red”—faux stain technique | Lower Right Dresser: Benjamin Moore “Heritage Red”

How to choose paint color


If Valentine colors aren't your thing, try this method with the colors that ARE your thing. The color that does it for me is navy, so I'll sneak one last inspiration board into this post...


Navy + Gold table by @justpaintitbydani in Benjamin Moore "Hale Navy" and Rustoleum Metallic Accents in Gold Mine | Cabinet Makeover by Kristin Smith @BBFrosch in Benjamin Moore "Hale Navy"

Now that you're filled with Valentine inspiration, give your projects a little love with the The BB Frösch Valentine Bundle. It has plenty of powder and wax for up to FOUR projects!

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