Brush Care

While painting, always keep a jar of water nearby to place the brush in should you need to step away or take a break.  The water should not rise above the bristles.  Don’t ever let your brush sit to dry with paint on it.

Before first use, and after every use, clean and condition your specialty brushes using BB Frösch Brush Conditioning Soap. Not only will your brush get better with age, it should last for years.

*BB Frösch Brush Conditioning Soap was specially created to not only clean your brush, but to condition it at the same time. Think of what happens to your hair when you wash it but don’t condition it…You don’t want that to happen to the natural bristles of your brush! Our soap is also amazing on makeup brushes, synthetic paint brushes and your skin! How’s that for an added bonus?

Check out this video for ho to clean your brushes.


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