YES! Painting with a sprayer is one of our favorite application methods especially for projects like these:

  • When you absolutely don't want to see even the hint of a brush stroke like this filing cabinet:

  • Large projects like kitchen cabinets:

Paint Sprayer Kitchen Cabinets

  • Projects with lots of spindles (railing, chairs, etc.)

Sprayer kitchen chairs

  • We even like to use a sprayer for painted upholstery projects like this:
Paint Sprayer Upholstery


We typically don't spray in the following situations:

  • Antiques that would have been painted with a brush originally (because sprayers didn't exist back in the day, so spraying could seem less authentic)
  • Certain techniques like two-color distress (because brush strokes help amplify the depth of your colors) and faux stain
  • Indoors unless you are using a spray shelter, have taped EVERYTHING off, and you have adequate ventilation
  • Small projects that can be done more quickly with a brush

Here are the basics when using BB Frösch in a sprayer:

  1. Mix BB Frösch with paint according to directions (you can mix paint directly in the sprayer hopper)
  2. Thin mixed paint by adding approx. 2 additional tablespoons of water for every cup of paint (Note: Paint brand and amount of paint transformer used will determine how much water is needed)
  3. Use viscosity cup to check paint thickness 
  4. Strain mixed and thinned paint through cheesecloth or paint strainer
  5. Turn sprayer nozzle:
    • horizontal to spray vertically
    • vertical to spray horizontally
    • angle to spray all over (on curved surfaces, for example)
  6. Start and stop off the edge of your piece to avoid pooling of your paint
    • depress trigger partway to start air flow, begin moving gun
    • while gun is moving, depress trigger all the way to dispense paint
  7. Hold gun about 10" from piece
  8. Adjust trigger knob (in = more paint, out = less paint)

We recommend the Homeright Finishmax sprayer.


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