Paint Mixing Jar-8 oz.

Paint Mixing Jar-8 oz.

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Our non-shattering mixing jar is perfect for mixing just the right amount without having to measure your paint! Holds 8 oz. (1 C) paint—the same size as a sample jar of paint from Home Depot.

FAQ Quick Picks

• Can I mix with any paint? Yes. BB Frösch works with any latex or acrylic paint.

• Does this work for floors? Yep! And cabinets, and fabric, and metal and more...

• Can I paint a previously waxed piece? Absolutely! 

• Can I seal with poly instead of wax? Sure! 

• Can I paint laminate without sanding? Yes, but scuffing with sandpaper helps, and add a little extra powder for bonding. 

Check out our Main FAQ Page for detailed answers and more!