Coffee Table Evolution


You may recall last month's project—the one where I talked my son-in-law into cutting the top of their old coffee table off and giving it to me so I could make this:

I love creating “free” projects from stuff I already have. If you come to my house one day and see a dining room hutch, you may come back a week later and find the same hutch in the bathroom as a linen cabinet. My furniture and home decor are always changing either color or purpose or both. Coffee tables around here are no different.

Needless to say, the bottom of the coffee table was headed for the dumpster…

 …and, of course I couldn’t let that happen because, without the ugly glass top, it was actually pretty amazing!

I was a little busy last week, so I enlisted the help of my mom and husband for this incredibly easy project.

Jason used four 8’ sticks of 2x6 Douglas Fir to make a new table top. He cut five pieces 41” long and two pieces 28” long. Using a Kreg jig, he attached the longer pieces to each other side-by-side and the two shorter pieces to the ends. 

Then, from underneath, he screwed the new top onto the old coffee table base.

My mom faux-stained the top for me using chalk/mineral paint she’d made with BB Frösch Paint Transformer. She started with a shade of light grey and a brown.


I originally wanted the top to be more grey than brown, but when it came time to wax, we decided to go darker.

My mom used BB Frösch Dark Premium Finishing Wax, and the whole top was faux-stained and sealed in less than an hour!

Of course, since everyone else did the work on this, it felt SUPER easy! Honestly, though, I can’t think of an easier coffee table than this one.

Next time you see a dated glass-top coffee table at a garage sale, tell the owner you’ll take it off their hands, so you can update it into a couple of awesome projects!

If you like little trips down memory lane, you can find the evolution of this coffee table from yellow (circa 2013) to white with painted glass (circa 2015) to patriotic wall art (2017) here.

This was was the FIFTH and FINAL MAKEOVER--a new coffee table top made with Douglas Fir, faux stained and attached to old table base.

Time to put up my feet and find something new to make over.

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