Coordinate an Entire Room with Chalk/Mineral Paint--Curtains Included


Remember those metal lockers I painted last summer for the grandbabies’ playroom/guest room at my house? The other day, I found bedding that just happened to be a perfect match!


...which meant I no longer had an excuse for not finishing the rest of the room. It was time to give the dumpster-dive headboard a makeover.


As always, I used BB Frösch Paint Transformer to make my own chalk/mineral paint. I already had the perfect color palette from the previous projects, so I just mixed up another sample-size jar of chalk paint in "Green Parakeet."


Metal lockers, wooden headboard, metal clock, and plastic frames all now coordinate with chalk/mineral paint I made myself in fun colors using BB Frösch Paint Transformer. Not only would this room have been cost-prohibitive with pre-mixed chalk/mineral paint, I wouldn’t have been able to pick these awesome colors (thanks @justaddsunshineinc for sharing your favorite colors!)

The room was ALMOST done:

 post-29-chalk-painted-curtains-1a (1)

The only thing left was curtains. I happened to have a set I found on clearance last year at World Market. But, they were plain white and way too boring for the bright play room.


So, I grabbed my chrysanthemum stencil from, leftover paint from the locker project in “Sugar Poppy” and “Guava Jelly” and gave the curtains a more suitable look.



When painting on fabric with a stencil, I like to apply my chalk/mineral paint with foam roller.


Note: Place a piece of cardboard under your fabric so you don't get paint on the underlying surface.

For the curtains, I just randomly placed the stencil over the panels and stenciled away!

Sometimes it’s fun to see projects like this in action…

The whole project took about 30 minutes, and since I added BB Frösch Paint Transformer to my paint, the curtains were dry and ready to put up immediately.


The only thing I didn’t account for is how challenging it is to photograph a window, so pardon the lighting, and enjoy the palm trees in my back yard!

I had a couple of leftover pillow covers from IKEA, so I stencled them to match.

painted-curtains (1)



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