Mixing BB Frösch

Directions for mixing 8 oz. (1 cup) of paint. *see below for larger quantities


Pour any color FLAT latex or acrylic paint directly into jar containing powder+water mixture, then stir or shake until powder mixture is fully incorporated. Due to the excellent coverage of mixed paint, we recommend mixing in small batches up to 1 quart at a time.


We recommend HEAPING tablespoons of powder. It is better to err on the side of MORE powder than not enough, since the powder is what helps your paint bond. Without enough powder, it will be just like painting with regular latex paint that will want to peel or chip off.

The more chalk paint powder that is used, the thicker the chalk paint/water mixture will be, and the more your paint will thicken over time, but that’s okay!  Read more about thickened paint here.


It is recommended to mix up just 8 oz. at a time for three reasons:

  1. Due to excellent coverage, many projects can be completed with just 8 oz. chalk paint

  2. It is easier to fully incorporate the chalk paint powder mixture in smaller batches

  3. Although mixed chalk paint stores indefinitely, why mix up more than you need?

Still want to mix more? O K A Y . . .

In a separate quart-sized container (we recommend a clear container so you can see when the chalk paint mixture is fully incorporated), mix the contents of 1 small jar BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder with 4 to 5 tablespoons water until a thick but creamy “donut glaze” consistency is achieved.  Too pasty?  Add water!  Add FLAT FINISH paint and stir WELL until chalk paint powder mixture is fully incorporated.  Store any unused paint in an airtight container.