QuestionMixing Directions

QuestionWhat Kind Of Paint Should I Use?

QuestionCan I Use Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, Or High-Gloss Paint?

QuestionHow Much Paint/How Many Coats Will My Project Require?

QuestionWhat If My Paint Is Too Thick?

Brush and Application-Related

QuestionDo I Need A Fancy Brush?

QuestionWhat is the difference between paint and wax brushes?

QuestionHow Do I Avoid Bristles In My Paint?

QuestionHow do I care for my brushes?

QuestionHow Do I Avoid Seeing Brush Strokes?

QuestionCan I use BB Frösch in a sprayer?


QuestionDo I Have To Wax?

QuestionCan I seal with Polyurethane? Or something besides wax?

QuestionWhen waxing, I sometimes get wax dust or "pilly" wax. Why?

QuestionHow do I clean a waxed surface?

QuestionDo I have to re-wax over time?


QuestionDo I have to sand my piece?

QuestionSometimes when applying a second coat, the first coat lifts. Why? How do I avoid this?

QuestionWhat about painting laminate or other smooth surfaces?

QuestionWhat causes bleed-through, and how do I avoid it?

QuestionI want to paint my piano

How To...

QuestionFix furniture flaws and damage

QuestionStage, photograph and edit your creative work

QuestionPaint Cabinets

QuestionPaint Metal

QuestionPaint Fabric

QuestionFaux Stain

QuestionWhite Wash

QuestionMixing Directions

AnswerHow to Make Chalk/Mineral Paint with BB Frösch Paint Transformer*

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