FAQ-Paint-How Much?


While we can’t say exactly how much paint you will use or how many coats it will take, we CAN tell you that you will use less paint and fewer coats than if you were using other types of paint. Typically, 1-3 coats.

A number of factors determine how much paint/how many coats you will need:

  • What color is your original surface?

  • What is the original surface made of?

  • How big is the project?

  • What color are you painting?

  • What technique and method of application are you using?

  • What is the final look you want to achieve?

If the original surface is black, and you are painting white, it will take more coats than if you are painting brown on black, for example.

Highly porous surfaces (raw wood, for example) may require more paint, depending on the technique.

The size of your project is the biggest indicator! A small table or dresser will typically require an 8oz. sample jar (1 cup) whereas a small kitchen will require a quart or more.

If applying with a sprayer, you will typically use more paint.

Faux stain or lime wash techniques will use significantly less paint than if you are painting a solid color.

If you intend to distress for a shabby chic look, you will use less paint than if you want a smooth, full-coverage modern piece.