What about painting laminate/smooth surfaces?

Paint mixed with BB Frösch Paint Transformer bonds with virtually any surface. However, there are extra steps you can take to aid with bonding to particularly smooth or challenging surfaces like glass, laminate and metal.

For surfaces other than glass, scuff the surface a bit with sandpaper (60-100 grit works well.) You don’t have to sand through the entire surface, just scuff enough to give paint a little something to bond to.

Add additional powder in the mixing step–double the powder, even! The more powder, the more bonding.

For the first coat, do not aim for full coverage. Just paint a quick, thin coat and allow to dry. Don’t forget to paint using cross-hatch strokes. This will give subsequent coats something to grab to and level into.

Allow extra dry time. Even though chalk paint dries quickly, it is not fully cured for about 24 hours. It helps to give it extra bonding time before distressing or waxing.

Be sure to wax or poly your finished piece to seal and protect it!

Check out these painted laminate examples:

 Painted Laminate
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