One of the greatest benefits of BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax is that it dries and cures quickly. Yay!

The quick dry time not only means it will dry on your piece quickly, but it will dry in your brush as well–especially if you have too much wax on your brush. Wax “dust” and “pilly” wax is merely excess wax that has either dried on your piece before being removed, or excess wax that has dried on your brush.

You can avoid this by:

  1. Use a wooden wax applicator to apply only a thin layer of wax to the end of your wax brush (this helps avoid accumulating excess wax on your brush which causes wax dust.) Do NOT dip your brush into your wax jar! You should be able to cover about 1 square foot area at a time. If you are able to cover much more, you are using too much wax.

  2. When the wax is off your brush and onto your piece, do not re-load your brush yet. Instead, use a lint-free wax cloth to remove excess wax from the area you just waxed. You will know when excess wax is removed when the surface is smooth and no longer tacky, and when your wax cloth glides easily across the surface. Then, re-apply wax to your brush and move on to the next area.

  3. If excess wax is difficult to “move” or appears “pilly,” the wax has either begun to dry, or you have used more wax than is necessary. No worries! Simply remove excess wax until wax cloth glides easily over surface, and use less wax next time.

In other words, apply wax sparingly over a small area, remove excess, move to next area and repeat–do not wax the entire piece and then remove excess.

Once excess wax has been removed and wax has dried (at least 15 minutes) buff to desired sheen using lint-free wax cloth.


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