Hi! We're Kristin & Kacey

Whether you want to refinish Grandma's antique, out-dated cabinets, a boring tile floor, or even just a curbside find, it can be INTIMIDATING 😩 Guess what? It doesn't have to be because we're here to help get you started 😊

Between the two of us, we've been painting and refinishing furniture for over two decades. We've worked with scientists and large paint companies to learn more about paint than we knew was possible. We've developed skills and techniques learned from professional refinishers as well as TONS of our own trial and error 😉.

We began teaching the magic of chalk/mineral painting to small in-home groups ten years ago. Little did we know that, within a year, we'd be teaching thousands of people at sold-out events from California to Georgia, we'd be featured guests on television DIY segments across the nation, we'd be invited to instruct retailers for large paint companies, and we'd develop several online courses with thousands of now confidently painting students!

It is humbling and rewarding when students proudly share the projects they never thought they could do! Many of our students have gone on to build successful furniture flipping and custom painting business, and we couldn't be more proud. We are excited to share our knowledge with YOU!

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